Spain hunts kidnappers of Bonn Consul     
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Spain Hunts Kidnappers of Bonn Cónsul

New York Times (1857-Current file); Dec 3, 1970; ProQuest Historical Newspapers The New York Times (1851 - 2001) pg-6

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MADRID, Dec. 2—The pólice set up roadblocks around San Sebastián today to try to catch the kidnappers of the honorary West Germán cónsul, Eugen Beihl, who was seized last night, apparently by a Basque undereround group.

It was reported that an anonymous callar had telephoned an association of Spanish Basque refugees in Bayonne, France, saying that the kidnapping had been carried out by a Basque nationalist group known as ETA. The cónsul was well, the caller said, and his fate would depend on what happened to the 15 Basques due to go on trial tomorrow in Burgos.

The closing of the Madrid airport by heavy fog prevented the return of Foreign Minister Gregorio López Bravo from a visit to Bonn. This morning Mr. López Bravo met with the West Germán Foreign. Minister Walter Scheel, to discuss the kidnapping, which was eyidently timed to coincide with the Spaniard´s visit.

Mr. López Bravo, whose flight was diverted to Alicante, is expected here tomorrow. Only after he meets with the rest of the Government, and perhaps with Generalissimo Francisco Franco, is it expected that an indication will emerge of how the redime will react.

Of equal interest Is whether the kidnapping will accomplish its announced purpose of averting the six death sentences asked for in the Burgos courtmartial or whether it will stiffen the Goyernment´s position and make it more likely that the sentences will be imposed and carried out.

When the kidnapping—which may be the first political kidnappiqg in Europe in recent years — was disclosed this morning, the reaction among the defense lawyers assembled in Burgos was dismay. They reported that the prisoners had denied any knoavledge of the action.

The general belief in Basque nationalist áreles was that the kidnapping was carried out by an extremist splinter group that might have intended to give even greater ímpetus to the movement by provoking the Government to order executions.

Mr. Beihl. a 59-year-old businessman. who has lived in San Sebastián for 27 years, represents several Germán pharmaceutical and industrial consents and was named honorary cónsul a number of years ago. At 10:30 P.M. he returned to Miraconcha, a suburb of San Sebastián, where he lives with his wife, a Spaniard, and their daughter.

A few minutes earlier he had telephoned from his office to say that he was pn his way. He drove up in his Mercedes, accompaníed, as usual, by his Germán shepherd, which rodé beside him in the front seat.

According to the wife of the concierge at his house, who was watching, Mr. Beihl got out to open the garage door, letting the dog run free. He got back into the car, reversad it and backed into the garage.

Moments later the concierge´s wife saw him driving out quickly with four or five men in the car. Another man ran out and joined two others in a small car parked nearby.

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Spain Hunts Kidnappers of Bonn Cónsul


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