Police in Spain seeking kidnapped legislator     
   13/11/1979.  Páginas: 1. Párrafos: 5. 

Pólice in Spain Seeking Kidnapped Legislador

MADRID, Nov. 13 (Reuters) — The pólice searched throughout Spain today for a kidnapped member oí Parliament after the Government ruled out any talks wíth his Basque guerrilla captors.

The political wíng of the separatist organízation E.T.A. said it had kidnapped Javier Rupérez over the weekend to gain amnesty for jailed Basque activists.

The guerrillas said they would soon present their demands for the reléase of Mr. Rupérez, 38 years old, who is the international relations spokesman for the ruling Union of the Democratic Center.

The Government called the kidnapping "blackmail" and demanded his immediate reléase.

Roadblocks were set up around Madrid because the pólice believed Mr. Rupérez might be in the capital, but they did not rule out the possibility that he had been taken out of the city.


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