Spain quiet after decree     
 The New York Times.    16/12/1970.  Página: 3. Páginas: 1. Párrafos: 3. 

Spain Quiet After Decree

Special to The New York Times

MADRID, Dec. 15—There was no immediate sign today of what use the Spanish Governrnent woul make of the emergency pólice powers to assumed last night. No unusial. arrests were reported and the coantry was quiet.

The measure, which gives the police the right to hold de tainees up to six months with out charges, was asopted by the Cabinet last night. Government sources pointed ou today that it was not nearly so severe as ii might have been: there was no forma censorship ordered, nor were emergency powers of search and banishment invoked.

What was puzzling was that haste with which it was done since the Cabinet meets every Friday.


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